W-axis: multidimensional Tic Tac Toe (or "Noughts & Crosses")

Please select a game type below. Once you start a game, please share the resulting URL with a friend to play.

You should keep or bookmark that URL yourself as well, in case the browser closes or crashes.

To communicate with your friend, please use another service like Skype, Steam, Curse, Oovoo, Teamspeak, Mumble, Ventrillo, Google Hangouts, IRC, or Telephone. :P

Try a popular board type first:

2D: Traditional (boring!) 3x3 two dimensional

2D: 10x15, but you only have to get 4 in a row

3D: 4x4x4, three dimensional

3D: 8x10x5, but you only have to get 4 in a row

4D: 4x4x4x4, four dimensional

4D: 8x8x8x8.. can you get five in a row without being blocked?

2D: Traditional 3x3, but with slider rules.

2D: 4x4 with slider, you only have to get 3 in a row.

3D: 4x4x4, three dimensional slider

3D: 6x10x6, five in a row slider

4D: 4x4x4x4, four dimensional slider

Or, use the advanced controls to try something even more exotic.

Total Number of Dimensions
Width of board
Height of board
Depth of board
Size of board along W-axis (dimension 4)
Size of board along V-axis (dimension 5)

How many in a line will it take to win?
How many total people will play?
Can a win wrap around the edge of the board? "Slider rules"